The process is simple.

We will use Lightroom Smart Preview Catalogs.

The Smart Previews option in Lightroom will allow us to transfer files much quicker because of their compressed size. The Smart Preview is made from the original RAW file, and then can be transferred to an editor without the original file accompanying it. The editor can then apply edits to the smart previews and return the edited version back to the photographer. Once the smart preview returns to the location of the original file (the photographer’s Lightroom), the preview is then associated with the original file and all the changes are applied to the full image.


To send me the Smart Previews catalog you will have to:

1. Import your photos into Lightroom

2. Go to File then Export as catalog then Save As (Your Company_ Bride/Groom Last Name)


3. The only one that should be checked is ’’Build/Include Smart Preview’’


This step will export two files to the chosen location. All you have to do is zip/compress those files and send them to me using google drive or any other file share service.


When the edit is done, you will receive edited catalog files. Unzip them and import to your LR using these steps:


1. Lightroom then File then Import from another Catalog


2. Choose Replace: metadata and develop settings only


3. Done! You will receive a PayPal invoice and we all will be happy!

Thanks! Message sent.