February 6, 2023

Minto-Brown Island Park Halloween Cosplay Photo Shoot| Kristen Stubbert | Salem, OR

By Kevin McCullough | 10/22/2022

I recently joined one of the local photography groups from Facebook that was hosting a cosplay photo shoot. Cosplay is not a genre of photography I ever capture but I am glad I went. I met a bunch of really great people and one of the models Kristen Stubbert dressed as a witch. I had a blast walking the grounds of Minto-Brown Island Park it was awesome time of the day to capture great imagery. When I first pulled into the park and to my surprise, Minto-Brown Island Park had a huge massive dog park and it seemed like it went on forever. I ended up scouting the location and came across The Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge. For a future landscape photography adventures I will be coming back to capture some of the cool landmarks like the Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge and other landmarks in the park.