Kevin McCullough is a, Philadelphia-based

         Photographer and  Editor/Retoucher.


When I thought about what I wanted my reputation as a Photographer and Photography Editor to be, I knew that "He edits really good pictures!"and "Captures great moments!" simply wasn't enough. I am able to utilize the most innovative post-processing methods to create unforgettable images. I wanted to combine photographer, artist, editor and designer into one role and be more than a "editing guru with a vast knowledge of photography." My vision is to match my clients unique style so it can be a seamless transition when implementing, Mccullough Imagery into their workflow. But most of all, I wanted to develop an environment that creates innovation with inspiration to showcase every photographer's valuable years of work and creativity. One of my Core Values as a person is to have a pure, honest, unfiltered trust with any Photographer's issues with outsourcing with any form of photography. I will hold the highest standards in dealing any clients imagery. Outsourcing can be a very uncomfortable idea to think of. I do want to go on this creative story telling journey together. Photography Editing is my life, my passion, my story to share with everyone. I always hold myself to the highest standards of Professionalism, Reliability and Consistency it takes to create a wonderful experience with any form of imagery. I want to make your life easier, calm and relaxed while going thru this process while creating a workflow together. Let's have fun and Create More Timeless Story Telling!

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